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Secretary with executive role to help run Macctastic.

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51计划稳定全天免费计划 Current Activities

Perhaps the issue that dwarfs all other concerns. Macctastic has joined with Transition Wilmslow and Transition Bollington as 'The Cheshire East Climate Action Alliance', to present a combined approach to local government.

See our response to Cheshire East's consultation here

If you are wondering how to modify your own lifestyle to reduce CO2 emissions,
the local website co2whattodo.org tells what changes make the most difference.

If you want to know facts and figures about Climate Change, this BBC page includes a link to download a 197 page briefing document.

Student-led promotion of sustainability activity in schools, and links between schools, sharing best practice. 15 students from 5 different schools involved.
Listen to Esther's interview on Canalside Radio here .

Tytherington School students met with Michael Gove. Details

The group participates in FridaysForFuture school strikes.
See Upcoming Events

King’s School student Ben O’Donnell created this video of Macclesfield's Climate Protest on 20th September.

Tythy Goes Green have helped negotiate that no drinks in plastic bottles will be sold as part of the in-school catering provision from September 2019.

Contact: ecoyouthmacc@outlook.com

Litter / Guerrilla Clean-Up
-  Litter can be washed into drains, rivers and travel to the sea. Whereas rubbish that is put in any bin is unlikely to do so.
This group has a list of interested participants, sources of loaned equipment, and is compiling a map of routes that are picked - to avoid duplication and encourage others to fill in the blanks.

See the Litter Picking Website

Contact: MaccLitter@gmail.com

Plastic Reduction -
Macclesfield has its own plastic reduction website NotJustOnce.org
Get in touch if you would like to work on encouraging local businesses (especially fast food) to use less plastic containers and cutlery.

Contact: admin@macctastic.org

Refill MacclesfieldRefill
  - we have set up several local Cafe's to offer free water bottle refills, without obligation to buy anything, as a way of reducing the number of plastic water bottles requiring disposal.

More Details.

Reusing / Repurposing
Macclesfield has a number of Facebook groups where you can sell or donate unwanted goods - not to mention several local charity shops.

Recycling in Cheshire East:

If you would like to know more about  how your local recycling works,
visit the Recycling section of NotJustOnce.org or download the Cheshire East flyer.

Food Waste Collection
See the Cheshire East Web Page
Download their Food Waste Flyer as a PDF file

Watch Ansa's Video Guides to Recycling here


Many items  that are not accepted by Cheshire East's recycling system, such as crisp packets, can be dropped off at a number of Terracycle collection points in Macclesfield, and also in Buxton .

Zero Waste: 

'Scoop and Scales' has established a 'bring your own container' shop in Macclesfield.
See www.scoopandscales.co.uk and the  updated product list.

Download the newsletter. For more information contact:- 

 Scoopandscales@gmail.com or visit their Facebook Page

  - working to reduce car journeys within the town,
particularly associated with schools, encourage cycling and a 20mph urban speed limit. See 20splenty .

CycleMacc.org is a website aimed at encouraging cycling as a means of transport around Macc. It has an associated public discussion group on Facebook for sharing cycling ideas and buy/sell/swap/donate for cycling equipment. Please take a look at wwww.cyclemacc.org

Thinking about an Electric Car?

4.8miles per kWh @ 7.5p per unit off peak = 2p per mile......
Read one local person's experience here

Previous Transport Group Meeting Notes

Contact: admin@macctastic.org

Macclesfield Mug Library

The Repair Cafe holds a series of workshops using premises in the Heritage Centre on Roe Street, working with Scoop and Scales.

For more information see the web page or contact
repaircafe.macc@gmail.com .

Macclesfield Mug Library

Macclesfield's Mug Library has lent at several Treacle Markets.
There are over 100 ceramic mugs that can be borrowed instead of disposables, and you can find us at the Treacle Market every month (outside Fat Face), as well as other events across Macclesfield and beyond.

If you would like the mug library at your event please contact
oneprojectmacc@gmail.com .

About Macctastic Eco Network

Following the success of the 'Macctastic Less Plastic' event at the Barnaby Treacle Market event in June 2018,  there have been several public meetings with the aim ‘Make Macc More Sustainable’.

The name has been shortened to 'Macctastic' to reflect the new broader interest beyond plastic pollution.

A number of groups have emerged, (see above) each interested in different sustainability concerns and aspirations for the town. The individual groups meet independently to discuss how the 'ideas' can be turned into ‘actions’.

We have adopted a constitution as an 'Unincorporated Organisation', and have a formal leadership team.
The positions of Chair and Secretary are currently vacant:-
  • Tony Shaw (Treasurer and acting co-chair)
  • Gordon Richardson (Climate Action, Litter contact, and acting co-chair)
  • Vacant - (Secretary)
  • Kate Ellis (Social Media)
  • Alexandra McKay (Social Media & Climate Action Sub-group)
  • David Mayers (Transport Sub-Group)
  • Louise Murphy (Social Media Marketing support)
  • Tracy Kelly

Keep in Touch:
If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact admin@macctastic.org

Our Privacy Policy (You can unsubscribe anytime very easily).

Become a FOUNDING MEMBER of Macctastic Eco Network for a more sustainable town.

Since its inception in 2018 we’ve been galvanising and guiding people to tackle climate change, being a catalyst for ideas and campaigns, and connecting green groups and initiatives in the town.

Now we’re building a formal membership base, principally to answer the questions, 'Who do you represent?' and 'Who elects the committee?'.

Non-members will continue to be welcome to participate in all of Macctastic's groups, Facebook discussion, meetings, and activities.

As a member, for £6 a year (£5 if you set up a standing order and reduce our admin time) you will:
  • be promoting the aims of Macctastic

  • give the organisation more clout when campaigning for change

  • be eligible to stand for the Executive Committee

  • have a vote at the Annual General Meeting, including in the election of officers.

  • be supporting Macctastic with our running costs

Apply for membership here. Membership Application Form

Many thanks for your support. Together we’re working to make Macclesfield a greener, happier more sustainable place to live.


This simple web page was set up in 2018 as a temporary measure to provide a static index to sources of information and our activities, (information that is difficult to retrieve from a stream of social media posts), but frankly we have prioritised addressing the real issues, and as a result a new website is still in the pipeline.

We like to keep it factually accurate though, so please advise any errors or omissions here: townend@maccinfo.com

Previous Meetings and Newsletters

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极速飞艇冠军五码计划 Meeting Notes

Notes of Meeting 16th November 2020

Eco Summit - Notes : From Macctastic : From Macc Town Council

 Download the '20's Plenty' presentation (3.6Mb) 20 Jan 2020

Notes of Meeting 20 Jan 2020

News Letter October 2019

Notes of Meeting 15 July 2019

Notes of Meeting 18 March 2019

Listen to Tracy Kelly's interview on Canalside Radio here

Other Local Sustainability Groups  
Several of these groups have aims for their neighbourhood that overlap with Macctastic's aims.
Map Version


Local 'Green' Businesses

We haven't checked out these businesses, and we have no commercial links with them, but they may be of interest to you:-

Your deliveries, sustainably delivered by cargo bike.

Rapid Composting and Energy from Waste

Refill Places

'Scoop and Scales' has established a 'bring your own container'
buyers club in Macclesfield.

Sutton Post Office
have introduced a refill scheme working with
PlasticFreeWeigh of Knutsford.
See Facebook Post

Another refill scheme: 'That Refill Place'
More Information


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